Lundwall Law PLLC

In 25 Years, Mr. Lundwall Has Been a Partner in a Houston-Based Intellectual Property Firm of 250 Lawyers; a Partner in a Chicago-Based General Practice Firm of 1000 Lawyers; a Partner in a Washington DC Based General Practice Firm of 700 Lawyers; and an Associate in a New York City-Based Firm of 800 Lawyers.  But Now He Brings His Extensive Skill Set and His Entrepreneur Spirit To His Own Firm.  Any Law Firm -- No Matter How Big -- Is Only As Good As The Single Attorney Working On Your Case!  Do Not Let Size Mislead.  Mr. Lundwall Provides World Class Service at Rates Big Firms Can Not Offer.

Contract, Fraud and Other State Law Claims


    Real Estate and


· Fraud litigation over sale of commercial real estate involving asbestos

· Breach of contract and fraud litigation over right of easement and obstruction of property involving major real estate developments

· Breach of contracts relating to construction projects and supply of major assets needed for projects




      · Litigation involving breach of fiduciary duties between

         insurance sales agents and agencies

· Litigation over insurance coverage by insurers in the secondary market


Securities Arbitrations and Litigations


     · Arbitrations before securities  arbitration boards and

          litigations relating to securities fraud and related claims


Negotiations and Business Deals


      · Acquisition and purchase agreement

        · Technology services agreement

        · License and patent option agreement

        · Product development and license agreement

        · Employment agreements and assignments

        · Noncompetition agreements

        · Settlement agreements



Flexible Fee Agreements


         · Traditional Hourly Fee Agreements

         · Contingency Fee Agreements

         · Blended/Mixed Fee Agreements